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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Teenager and any others - Why Not Be A Virgin?

Here are some logical reasons why you and others should be virgins. Plus a careful study of the Bible does speak about this matter of virginity. Your virginity is a gift to _

1. The person you will marry. You are waiting to give only that one person which is rightfully theirs to receive. When you wait you will be able to learn together and there will be no comparison with others. You see, sexual adjustment may take awhile.
2. It is a gift to yourself. There is much guilt in having sex before marriage. And a successful sexual relationship does not mean this person is the one for you.
3. It is a gift to your parents and others in your family, like your siblings. There is a lot of stress for parents when someone has sex before they marry. There is a concern for having children and taking care of those children.
4. It is therefore a gift to your siblings.
5. It is a gift to your future children. They will have less difficult for them to make good decisions as to dating and whom. Your past as a parent speaks to our children. And even if they do not know much about your past, it is evident at times that our live style is passed on to them.
6. It is a gift to your church. The church struggles to meet the needs of everyone. However, when people follow the Bible and do as God wants, the struggles for them and for their church are kept at minimum.
7. It is a gift to God. The Ten Commandments were not given to take away freedom and they were not give to take away happiness. In fact, the Ten Commandments were given to give you freedom and to give you happiness, even joy. Doing everything God's way is the best for you, your future and your present and future families.
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